Coding in K-12 Classrooms

As a Management Information Systems major at UGA, I have taken a number of classes revolving around the use of programming languages. Currently I have taken courses in Java, SQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS to name a few, which has benefited me by giving me a greater understanding of how technology works in this world.

Today, technology is all around us; it shows us what the weather is going to be like today, it helps your car to start, and it makes emails available to you, just to name a few. As it changes our world so does it change the way classes should be offered and organized in schools. According to, 90% of American schools do not offer computer science classes related to coding. It also goes on to say that by 2020 there will be roughly 1 MILLION more jobs related to computers than computer science students. The job implications for this are astounding and one of the main focuses of education is to send intelligent, informed students into the workforce.

Taking this idea and stretching it to K-12 classes would not only give students the opportunity to learn about how technology works but the type of logic that comes along with this type of thinking can benefit students in their math and science classes as well. This ripple effect created would be extremely valuable to students and could happen even if the schools offered extremely basic courses. My first Java class taught me to think logically and it has spilled into a number of my other non MIS courses. The opportunity to get kids involved with programming languages is very important, and I foresee the amount of courses offered increasing substantially in the upcoming years.


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