Coding Catching On in K-12 Schools

People are starting to catch on to values of coding in the K-12 education system. Schools in Chicago are the first adopters of this principle and it is rapidly growing today. One junior interviewed at Wells Community Academy said that he was really excited for the opportunity to get exposure to coding. He even went on to create a star wars themed video game that he was able to show at a school-wide coding event.

Over the centuries, we have been taught to learn skills that will help us the most in the world around us. The skills necessary to forge armor and tools, read and write and, more recently, typing on a computer  have all been valuable to their respective eras. Today, technology is expanding at a rapid pace and more and more things around us are being built with code. As a student who has taken a number of coding classes, I can see this every day. Any website you click on can be right-clicked to reveal all the coding that displays it. By understanding how code works together to build an application, website or anything in between, you can benefit greatly by applying these skills to the working world.

Today, less than 1/4 of the schools in the United States offer coding classes, and I believe this number will continue to grow as more jobs in the IT field become available. Students like Darius will continue to become interested in coding as technology evolves and programs will continue to offer more courses to fulfill that interest.


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