Reflection: Coding in K-12 Schools

Throughout our growth as a civilization there has been constant innovation in order to progress the human race. The invention of fire, the wheel, tools, reading and writing; the list goes on and on. Flash forward to today, a world filled with the expanding growth of technology. It facilitates constant innovation and is becoming increasingly […]

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OER and STEM Online Activity

OER means Open Education Resources and are teaching and learning resources available to the Public Domain. A lot of them are open source meaning they are more free and available than traditional forms of learning resources. The reason the are gaining so much popularity is because they are relevant, constantly updated and most importantly, free […]

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States Expand Computer Science Classes

In my past blogs I’ve talked about how computer science is becoming increasingly stressed K-12 schools, particularly high school. Teachers, Administrators and Directors of Education want nothing more than to produce young minds that are smart, critical thinkers who can adapt and excel in society. Wherever you look in the world today, technology is changing […]

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Babbel Interactive Guide

Babbel User Guide   Learning Topic: Foreign language Target Learners: students in a foreign language course or foreign exchange students Estimated Time: Time varies on desired length of usage Resources Required: access to a computer or mobile device (computer, iPad, iPhone), email address   Activity Description and Step-by-Step Instructions:   Babbel is a great way […]

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