Babbel Interactive Guide

Babbel User Guide


Learning Topic: Foreign language

Target Learners: students in a foreign language course or foreign exchange students

Estimated Time: Time varies on desired length of usage

Resources Required: access to a computer or mobile device (computer, iPad, iPhone), email address


Activity Description and Step-by-Step Instructions:


Babbel is a great way to learn or practice a foreign language. It has a fun and interactive interface allowing students to progress in their foreign language skills. There are currently 14 different languages to choose from


  • Begin by selecting your desired language and level of prior knowledge of the selected language.
  • Next a window will pop up prompting you to select your age. Fill this out and begin your next lesson.
  • After completing the first lesson it will ask you a few more questions about the level of difficulty and your experience with the first lesson.
  • Follow the steps prompted to create your ‘Babbel’ account.
  • If you would like to participate in an interactive microphone lesson, you can enable access to the microphone in your computer (if applicable).
  • Follow along to the prompting screens and enjoy the easy-to-use, fun, and educational exercises Babbel has to offer.


After setting up your account you are free to continue mastering your foreign language skills



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