States Expand Computer Science Classes

In my past blogs I’ve talked about how computer science is becoming increasingly stressed K-12 schools, particularly high school. Teachers, Administrators and Directors of Education want nothing more than to produce young minds that are smart, critical thinkers who can adapt and excel in society. Wherever you look in the world today, technology is changing and making our lives better day by day. The increase for the need of cybersecurity expertise has been proven year after year in the past decade. Demand for these types of jobs is high and the education system is responding to it.

Just this past December, Arkansas Governor, Ava Hutchinson signed into law a measure that requires high schools to offer computer science classes. Not surprisingly, the number of students enrolled in computer science courses skyrocketed from 1100 to over 4000 in just one year. This is a prime of example of how interested students are becoming in technology. When you think about the number of people in the world who own a smartphone ( projected to be 6.1B by 2020), the ability to use computer science to take advantage of that market is invaluable. Mobile applications are in more demand than any other form of technology today, and it seems as if anyone become rich off of an app. Hutchinson later goes on to say that he plans to increase this law to require students as young as Kindergarten to have some sort of computer science exposure. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of jobs in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field to jump from 1.6 to 2.2m by 2022, that number alone supports this cause, and I believe it with continue to grow in the future.


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