OER and STEM Online Activity

  1. OER means Open Education Resources and are teaching and learning resources available to the Public Domain. A lot of them are open source meaning they are more free and available than traditional forms of learning resources. The reason the are gaining so much popularity is because they are relevant, constantly updated and most importantly, free to anyone.
  2. A lot of why OER and STEM has been connected together is because of the vast increasing demand for jobs in the STEM field. OER’s are largely facilitated and delivered through online platforms which gives them the flexibility to be sent all around the world.
  3. Since STEM revolves largely around integrating technology to link different subject matters together in the classroom for more effective individual learning, I believe I would use OER’s constantly in the classroom. Because OER’s rely strongly on real time streaming and interactive software, the access to tablets, computers and smart boards would be the best way in my opinion to facilitate STEM learning.
  4. My topic will likely revolve around the use of interactive software aimed at teaching students different things in an engaging software. Babbel was an example that my group used for our last project and it made teaching languages to students fun and exciting.

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