Reflection: Coding in K-12 Schools

Throughout our growth as a civilization there has been constant innovation in order to progress the human race. The invention of fire, the wheel, tools, reading and writing; the list goes on and on. Flash forward to today, a world filled with the expanding growth of technology. It facilitates constant innovation and is becoming increasingly more woven into every aspect of our lives. During this 20% project I have gotten the opportunity to research the effects of teaching coding in K-12 schools. I’ve examined individual students’ opinions as well as entire school systems’ successes by implementing this.

The 20% project is aimed at giving students the opportunity to research a topic of their choice that is related to technology in the classroom. We have looked at various OER’s or Open Educational Resources, paid for educational resources, and many other technologies that can be utilized with education. This project has given us all a greater insight on how education can benefit from technology. With the world around us growing at a faster pace due to technology, this seems to make a lot of sense.

My topic was focused on coding in K-12 schools, a topic that interested me because I have taken a number of these types of classes for my major in college. My major is primarily business focused, but it requires a number of classes revolving around technology because of how the business world is being shaped by it. You can see this same parallel in education. Many topics are being taught with technology, with greater demand being placed on understanding how these technologies work. The bottom line is that the job marketplace for STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,  is gaining momentum and needs more students with these types of skills, and schools are responding to this. Overall, the 20% project has given me the opportunity to see how the increase in coding based classes in schools is shaping students to become better suited for the job force in the future and gives me hope for further growth.


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