Teaching and Learning Meet Technology

Learning is the foundation of all innovation in the world today. Those that know are motivated to teach those that don’t in order to further knowledge and ultimately the state of the human race. Teaching has two meanings in today’s world. It is both a paid occupation and also a role that any person can take in order to facilitate learning to someone. Today, learning is done through many different mediums. There is both informal and formal learning (ie: homeschooling or public/private schooling), there are online courses done from a computer and there are things like tutoring programs etc. With the explosion of technology today, learning can only improve through its use.

Constructivism is a learning theory that equates learning with creating meaning from experience. This is a very important theory to learning today, and one that I fully believe I benefit from. Experience is always the greatest teacher because it fully immerses you in what you want to learn about. Basketball players don’t consistently make free throws by studying the right way to shoot the ball, they do it by putting in hours of shooting every day. This same thing applies to pilots or software coders. Technology can help facilitate this in many ways. Virtual platforms can give users a personal experience without exposing them to potential risks or harms associated. An example of this is driving simulators that behave as real cars but without the risk of crashing or harming others. Real-time coding websites like CodeAcademy enable the user to see their code at work as they type it which gives instant feedback and increases learning.

Teaching will always be needed if society is to move forward. With the constantly evolving teaching world, technology has many applications to improve its effectiveness. Learning changes as the world changes around it, and that is why we must utilize technology to complement it.